Below are several EXCERPTS of my compositions. Please contact me to purchase scores for performance or to commission a new work.

Memoir of Dong-Hakfor quintet: Ensemble Calliopée ©2009

Four Colors-Green for piano duo: The Pianissimo ©2010

Four Colors-I. Green

Four Colors-II. Purple

The River Lethe for chamber orchestra: L’orchestre de la Francophonie Canadienne ©2007

Awakeningfor flute and piano: Duo Young Music ©2010

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Horizon from the Islandfor chamber orchestra: Hee Yun Kim ©2006

Gravitation of Resonance for harp: Hee Yun Kim ©2010

Fluctuation for 2-Channel CD: Hee Yun Kim ©2006

Reversion is the Movement of Tao for octet: ALEA III ©2004

Butterfly’s Dream for orchestra: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ©2007

After-toneforflute, viola and harp, Hee Yun Kim ©2005

Folksong for prepared piano: Hee Yun Kim ©2006